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NAMI Chicago depends on membership contributions and major events for most of our operating budget. NAMIWalks Chicago, Light the Darkness, and membership contributions each constitute roughly one-third of our budget, and are critical to maintaining free services for individuals experiencing mental illness, family members, and professionals in the community.

You can make a general donation of any amount through the donate button below:

IrisesThere are many other ways in which you can contribute:

Please feel free to contact us at or (312) 563-0445 if you’d like additional information about giving.

The iris has long been a symbol associated with mental health and mental illness. In 1889 when van Gogh was battling mental illness in the asylum St. Remy, he painted his piece Les Irises. During this time, van Gogh painted some of his greatest works. He was discharged from the asylum, but a year later his illness recurred and he committed suicide. Folklore regards the iris as a symbol of hope, faith, and courage, one for each set of petals. In days of old, the iris was given as encouragement to anyone who was suffering.

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